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Бизнес идея: как заработать на продаже ежевики?
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Бизнес планирование в интернете и в реале 6
Открытие кафе по продаже мороженного может стать, если все правильно организовать. Для открытия такого кафе может потребоваться около 20 тысяч долларов, что довольно не много для бизнеса… В основном эти вложения.. Подробнее
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Бизнес идея: открываем кафе по продаже мороженного

Protection against thieves: compliance with simple rules!

  1. We analyze the weaknesses
  2. Vulnerabilities at home
  3. Our experts
  4. Own fortress
  5. How did you protect your home?
  6. But this is impossible
  7. Professional advise
  8. Useful tools

Do you know your home? And his vulnerabilities?

Be sure - the attackers know. A professional bastard will need only a few minutes to get into your home and rob you to the last . And in autumn and winter, when summer residents for a long time leave their country houses, the greatest number of thefts occur . How to resist robbers? The simple tips given in this article are suitable for both private houses and apartments in urban high-rises.

We analyze the weaknesses

Even if your house looks quite modest, it is not a reason to believe that no one will attempt on him. There are statistics that many robbers generally rely on luck. They can climb to you in search of only one or two expensive items (money, jewelry, computer or TV), and there already, if they are lucky, they will grab the rest.

Experts are asked to remember that it is almost impossible to stop an experienced criminal who is aiming at any cost to get into your home . However, fortunately, there are many inexperienced people among the burghers, and therefore, the security measures taken can seriously impede their entry into the house. Yes, and a professional, most likely, will have to tinker. And in a complex all security measures, quite possibly, will help to save your property. Do not forget that the monetary expenses and efforts that you spend on it are worth your peace of mind and the safety of the good you have acquired .

So, in the figure below you can see the weakest points of the private structure. They are discussed in detail by the points with the proposed measures of protection.

Vulnerabilities at home

Take care of reliable locks . The criminal will immediately calculate the bad lock and will certainly want to crack it.

2. Darkness at the entrance

Burglars do not like to "shine" too much, so they are unlikely to climb to a well-lit the doors .

3. Rear and side doors

Often they are installed bad locks or even the usual heck. Criminals just this and it is necessary.

4. Glazed door

Such break, as a rule, one good blow.

5. Ground floor windows

Make sure that all of them are locked - this is one of the most common ways for robbers to enter a house.

6. Top floor windows

Also vulnerable if easily accessible and easy to open.

7. Door hatch in the attic

Many modern thieves maintain excellent athletic shape, and also use special equipment, so high and steep roofs do not frighten them.

8. Attic window or sunroof

Today, there are many different accessories for roofs, and skylights are very popular. If you install these, take care of their protection - burglars can use them, especially if you can get to the windows from the next roof.

9. Charcoal manhole / garbage chute

Often, intruders use children in their frauds. And they easily crawl into the small holes in the hatches.

10. Unlocked gate and wicket.

Make thieves the most difficult task. Even if they managed to get into the house, let them suffer, leave him with your belongings. Lock all (!) Doors, gates, goal !

11. Garages and sheds

From here, crackers often take the tools of the owners to open their own homes.

For a sports thief, it's like stairs .

13. Glass

If a double glazing old or poor quality putty, glass can be removed quickly and silently.

14. Security alarm or surveillance cameras

They can even scare away a professional.

Our experts

Therefore feel free to contact:

- Your precinct - invite him to visit and on the spot discuss with him possible measures to enhance the security of the house;

- to the fire inspector –– taking measures against robbers, it is useful to know which of them do not contradict the fire security ;

- insurers - it is not bad to rely on a certain amount of money in the event of partial or complete loss of property due to fire or robbery.

Own fortress

Remember: even the simplest security measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of robbery . Most thieves still prefer to act reasonably. And, even relying on luck, as mentioned above, they will still look at it for a while before entering foreign territory. There is no reason to go where the owners do not lose their vigilance and close all the doors window even during a short absence or watching TV. Make it a habit not to open the door to unfamiliar visitors, even if it is a locksmith (gasman, repairman household appliances and so on.), which you called the other day. Require identity documents - real workers of public utilities and social services are always ready for such verification and keep documents ready. And you, while studying them, still keep the door chain draped over — it won't hurt.

The advice is not new, but it works: if you leave for a long time, cancel the delivery of subscription periodicals, ask your neighbors to take bills from the box . Or contact the appropriate service with a request to take them personally. Values ​​are best left in the bank box.

There are ways to tag a property with a full postal address or a micro-size image the size of a pinhead. It is applied to almost any object with a brush, glue or paint. Also for jewels, of pictures and other values ​​that are difficult to mark, you can take pictures and files - all this is deposited in the bank. On sale there are small, but very durable safes for valuables, money and documents.

By the way, the cheapest webcam purchased at a computer store and installed at the entrance can do a good job - that the criminal is probably unaware of the fact that it is not connected to the security system, but will not want to check.

How did you protect your home?

Checking the list:

1. The main entrance

If your entrance door is the only vulnerable place in the house / apartment, you can install a four-channel lock that simultaneously locks all four edges of the door. The main thing is that your security measures do not become a trap for you during an emergency - an earthquake or fire .

2. Darkness at the entrance

Outdoor lighting should always work. In this case, it is desirable to take care of lighting device it was difficult to get, break or break. If you live in an apartment, make sure that there is always light on the landing.

3. Rear and side doors

If there are several entrances / exits in a private house, they should be lit as well as the front door. The rules for locks and bolts are the same.

4. Glazed door

As a rule, such doors are weak enough to knock them out with one blow. In this case, the end flaps on the side of the sill and lintel help. Sliding it is easy to lift doors from guides and to remove - prevent this situation. It is very likely that thieves will take advantage of them - especially if the rear and side windows overlook a shady garden or a deserted street. Locks and bolts (as well as shutters, especially if they are closed from the inside) can be a good obstacle for crackers.

6. Top floor windows

All windows, even if you have to get to them with ladders or ropes, it is also better to equip with locks, locks or shutters.

7. Attic door-hatch

And here we need a strong deadbolt. There are many houses with one or several common walls, as well as common attic rooms (basements, laundries, etc.). There are cases when thieves entered the house through common technical premises.

8. Attic or Attic Window

Roof windows are only cracked if they are easily accessible. However, the bolts on them also do not interfere.

9. Charcoal loading hatch

Perhaps it is better to completely abandon it. Or put strong doors and bolts from inside the room.

They need to be locked. Is always. And so that thieves do not carry your belongings on top of gates and wickets, install above them mesh .

11. Garages and sheds

They should also be kept locked, even if all the property stored in them is old rusty. axes and oiled rags. For locking auxiliary buildings, both mortise locks and padlocks with a small or hidden handle are suitable. At the same time choose hidden fasteners that are difficult to break, if possible, with threaded connections. Ladders also should be locked in a shed or fastened with chains with locks.

12. Drainpipes

There is a special non-drying paint against robbers - highly recommended. The tool remains slippery, and thanks to him, move on pipe it becomes almost impossible.

13. Glass

For your own safety, choose laminated glass or polycarbonate glass. Another way to protect - modern metal shutters, which can be controlled from the inside. And do not forget to monitor the condition of the window putty - if it dries out, it is easy to remove it with a knife, pull out the fasteners and completely remove the glass.

14. Security alarm

Very useful tool, it is worth buying. However, it is not necessary to rely on it entirely. As already mentioned, effective protection consists of a whole set of security measures.

But this is impossible

Moreover, if, as a result of such “security measures,” the criminal is crippled or dies, the law enforcement agencies will understand you humanly, maybe they will, but they will be punished to the fullest extent. The Criminal Code considers such actions (even to protect their property) as manslaughter or grievous harm to life and health .

Professional advise

Heads of private security agencies and police officers give generally similar and complementary recommendations. But everyone agrees: the more united the dacha collective, the less theft .

To protect his summer cottage in the winter are different means. You can hire a private security company. It can cost 700-2000 dollars a month, but effectively - private security is good only where there is a reliable connection and quick access to the scene of the incident .

Employees of security organizations also offer to monitor the crime situation in their area: examine the statistics of thefts lately (which houses, who were robbed by local residents or visiting “guest performers”), what is the detection rate. By the way, much of this information can (and should!) Be provided to you by police officers from the district office.

Meanwhile, practice shows that local residents or neighbors from among alcoholics, drug addicts and other disadvantaged citizens most often turn out to be thieves .

If there is no money for the services of a private security company, you can jointly hire a person who will “stomp” the site in winter - the lack of tracks in the fresh snow also gives the green light to criminals.

Useful tools

In stores and on the Internet you can find various devices to protect your home. For example, "chemical traps . "

The device "Champagne Spray" is triggered when opening locker or refrigerator.

A harmless rug , thrown on the floor at the entrance, will mark the hacker with a special squad. The smelling trail will be invisible to man, but the dog will smell it in any weather.

But here, experts warn, it is better not to get carried away. It is better to use all this in a complex with other means of protection. First, as already mentioned, crooks of anger can burn the house. Secondly, all of these tools are truly effective when there is a guard, watchman or police officer nearby.

There are autonomous means of protection (beacons, howler, light and electronic alarms ) it makes sense to put only where there is a stable energy supply, and the electricity is not turned off for more than 5 days, and the neighborhood is constantly watched by some vigorous pensioner with a rifle. There are communication systems with a guard post of several houses or the whole village. They cost about $ 100 plus monthly maintenance fees (up to $ 30). There are GSM alarms that transmit SMS information about the condition of the house directly to the mobile phone of the owner or caretaker . Using the device, you can automatically turn on the light on the site. All residential and auxiliary buildings on the site can be connected to the system and controlled from anywhere in the world (monitor the light, temperature, heating and water supply systems). There are autonomous means of protection (beacons, howler, light and electronic   alarms   ) it makes sense to put only where there is a stable energy supply, and the electricity is not turned off for more than 5 days, and the neighborhood is constantly watched by some vigorous pensioner with a rifle If funds allow, it would be good to add property insurance to all of the listed protections. Although it will cost a lot. For example, for cottages worth about 100,000 dollars, it will cost about one and a half thousand dollars. Although, if you have an alarm system, and there is security in the village, the insurance company may offer a discount.

In order to ensure the safety of your home from uninvited guests, you can purchase the necessary means of protection using the portal catalog :

As well as resort to the installation of security systems :

Placement of material on other Internet sources, only with reference to www.1stroitelny.kz

And his vulnerabilities?
How to resist robbers?
How did you protect your home?



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